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Wilson puts GC Foster on map in Canada

Maurice Wilson, acting principal of the GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sport, says his trip to Toronto, Canada, was an eye opener for track and field coaches as they did not know of the role the institution played in Jamaica’s track and field programme.

Wilson, who returned from a four-day seminar at York College in Canada yesterday, also disclosed that the coaches are interested in coming to G.C. Foster for a one-week training clinic.

“It was a great experience. I have being doing seminars for awhile, but this time I was involved on the basis of representing the college. I normally do individual seminars but this time I did the seminar basically promoting the institution,” Wilson, who is also head coach of SprinTec Track Club, told STAR Sports.

“The feedback was very good. We carried numerous pamphlets and I was very surprised that coaches felt as if they wanted to come to G.C. Foster to train as track and field coaches. The seminar also involved some physical education teachers and track and field coaches.

“They are hoping to get a group together because everything was done through Athletics Ontario. They want to come here to do a one-week course because they think the College has a lot to offer,” he added.

“Of course, a lot of persons did not know of the role that the college plays in Jamaica’s track at field,” he concluded.

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