Goldson moving forward

Kadrian Goldson started last season with a 100-metre personal best of 10.14. By dint of hard work directed at the GC Foster College for Physical Education and Sport by Maurice Wilson, he advanced to 9.94. Now, the 26-year-old SprinTec speed merchant is aiming to improve.

Speaking moments after he anchored SprinTec to a spectacular victory in the 4x100m at the Central Hurdles and Relays hosted at the College on January 20, Goldson pinpointed his most important area for improvement. “A better start, working on my first 30 metres,” he specified.

The typical Goldson performance has him flying at the end and it was never more obvious than at the Racers Grand Prix when he closed on the comfortable 2019 World Champion Christian Coleman to score a personal best 10.08 seconds. Had Goldson made a better start, Coleman would have needed more speed to secure the win.

A week earlier, in Bermuda, a wind-aided 9.96 by Goldson teased and tantalised.

He broke the 10-second barrier at the National Championships with a smart time of 9.94 and reached the final. Later in the season, he won his first senior international title by taking the 100m at the World University Games.

As a sign of strength, he clocked 10.04 in both the semi-finals and the final. It was a highlight on a remarkable journey for an athlete who came to GC Foster from Maggotty High School as a diamond in the rough.

The challenge this year for Goldson is to put a complete race together.

“You know, I have a great top end so I’m just trying to get a better 30-metre and to transition so that’s the aim for this season,” he said before racing off to run the 4x400m for SprinTec.

Goldson’s second-leg split time was 47.8 for the runner-up SprinTec quartet.

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