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GC Foster the bedrock for excellence in sports by Paris Taylor – SprinTec Track Club
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GC Foster the bedrock for excellence in sports by Paris Taylor

GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sports has been the epitome of excellence, and is pivotal in the spreading of the correct practical ways of doing sports. The college uses critical techniques which are crucial in the delivering of the skills, in the various sporting disciplines. As a crucial sector of national life, we are very special in the execution of vital characteristics in sports, which has seen the graduates doing wondrous roles in sports in many areas of Jamaica sporting experience, and contributing significantly to our development. For example in the field of athletics, we have had persons from many schools across the island doing some tremendous jobs, spreading the good news of GC Foster in these different schools.

This Cuban built alma mater of mine is doing an exceptional job in fixing our sports problems for nearly 40 years. The infrastructure is fairly good in comparison to some other places in the Caribbean but it is still not yet getting the blessings of the government with the requisite funding to develop into a state-of-the-art institution. Most of the small schools with little financing which are doing very good usually get the blessings from GC Foster graduates. The impact of GC Foster is like a cradle in Jamaica for the development of our fast growing sports tourism. People from all walks of life has been already visiting to experience a piece of our lifestyle as the factory for sprinters.

The hallmark of a good college is the amount of people they can change to be quality contributors to society whether in a pragmatic way or otherwise. Because we are a sports college we will stick with the practical aspects of life because that is where our strength lies. People like principal Maurice Wilson and Kanhai Senior have done a commendable and beautiful jobs in spreading the good news about the track and field to their charges. With people like Dr. Cynthia Thompson dying these two young men has to be commended for carrying on the legacy of the man George Claude Foster.

In cricket Gibbs Williams is an indelible figure in such a field. He has done an incredulous plus very remarkable work as an instructor who has been a pivotal part of the ambiance at GC Foster. Another outstanding stalwart is in the area of volleyball is Steve Davis who has been quite brilliant and undoubtedly magnificent over a substantial timeframe. So I beg that some of these people must be awarded on National Heroes Day for bringing these selfless and invaluable services to their respective sport to mainstream media.

Paris Taylor

Greater Portmore