About SprinTec Track Club

SprinTec’s Mission

SprinTec’s mission is embodied in the words, “Perceive and Achieve with SprinTec.”

About SprinTec Track Club Limited

SprinTec Track Club Limited (SprinTec Jamaica) is a Spanish Town, Jamaica based Club and first to be a member of the SprinTec Global Online Community. SprinTec Jamaica was founded by world renown coach Maurice Wilson who currently serves as Technical Director of Jamaica’s national track and field team. Coach Wilson has coached numerous Jamaican athletes who participated on the international stage and has built SprinTec Jamaica into one of the top track and field clubs in the Caribbean.

Over the past few years, SprinTec Track Club and its athletes have established a first-class Track & Field brand that is well-known internationally in world class competition. Many coaches and athletes from all over the globe connect with SprinTec Track Club seeking opportunities to travel to Jamaica to train with the club and learn the secrets and success behind ‘Sprinting the SprinTec Way’. SprinTec recently designed an App to provide the dedicated fans of SprinTec Track Club a sneak peek into the lives of their favorite star athletes on their journey to international stardom.

The SprinTec team’s primary purpose is to assist local athletes with their tertiary level education in Jamaica and to maximize their potential as world-class athletes.

For decades, there was a direct pipeline from Jamaican secondary schools to colleges and universities across the United States and elsewhere. The prime focus of up-and-coming Jamaican athletes was to secure a scholarship at an overseas university. While recruiting was an important tool used by overseas universities to secure commitments from these young men and women, the experiment had varying degrees of success. Fortunately for Jamaica, Asafa Powell, Usain Bolt and other athletes had the opportunity to train and study abroad but opted to stay at home and advance their track and field careers.

Opportunities for training and support was crucial for the athletes who eventually decided to return to Jamaica to live and train.  SprinTec’s main objective was to fill the void by creating opportunities so athletes could properly train and receive the support they need to develop.  Some of the athletes who were facilitated by SprinTec were Christopher Williams – 2001 silver medalist at the 2001 World Championships, Michael McDonald, Lanceford Spence – 200m silver medalist at the Commonwealth Games, Gayon Evans – 2016 World Tour 60m winner, Jura Levy and many others.

SprinTec utilizes state-of-the art training techniques and continues to incorporate best practices in preparing our athletes for world-class performance. SprinTec is guided by Coach Maurice Wilson, Technical Director of Jamaica’s Track and Field Team, current head coach at G.C. Foster College of Physical Education and Sports, and former head coach of Holmwood Technical High School which won ten ‘Girls Championships’ titles, nine of which were consecutive wins.

The Jamaica Athletic Administrative Association appointed Wilson to serve in various capacities at the following international events:

The Jamaica Athletic Administrative Association appointed Wilson to serve in various capacities at the following international events:


Athens, Greece 2004
Beijing, China 2008
Head Coach
London, Great Britain 2012
Rio, Brazil 2016


Head Coach
Paris, France 2003
Helsinki, Finland 2005
Osaka, Japan 2007
Berlin, Germany 2009
Technical Director
Daegu, South Korea 2011
Moscow, Russia 2013
Beijing, China 2015
London, Great Britain 2017


Santiago, Chile 2000
Head Coach
Kingston, Jamaica 2002
Grosseto, Italy 2004
Beijing, China 2006


Birmingham, England 2002
Head Coach
Delhi, India 2010